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Spring/Summer 2013 - click here to download [this is a special edition, focusing on different types of therapy]


  • Spotlight on Therapy

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • 6 Myths about Therapy

  • Person Centred Counselling


Autumn/Winter 2011 - click here to download


  • What is Employee Assistance?

  • Mentoring in the Workplace

  • How not to give something up

  • 5 questions with Judy Leicht

  • Something different (contagious yawns)


Spring/Summer 2011 - click here to download


  • Intro to special edition

  • The effects of rudeness on performance...

  • 5 questions with Margaret Bowes

  • And now for something different (feeling lonely?)

  • The Craigie Partnership success story


Winter 2010/2011 - click here to download


  • SMART resolutions

  • Keeping healthy - it's snow joke

  • Email warnings! 

  • The Craigie Partnership traffic light approach

  • And now for something different (how caffeine affects men and women)


Autumn 2010 - click here to download


  • Saving money... without losing staff?

  • When to "just get on with it" and when to get help

  • Considering a career change in uncertain times

  • Plan B?  No thanks, I’m going Self Employed!

  • And now for something different (how accents affect perceptions)

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