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  • Craigie Partnership response to the Covid-19 virus

    Covid-19 Virus

    *UPDATE - Our practitioners are now remote working.  Please contact us to enquire about Skype sessions*

    As the Covid-19 virus continues to challenge many of our well-established patterns of working and living the Craigie Partnership is reviewing our own working practices and the welfare of our clients and practitioners.

    Here are a few key points:
  • end of summer time...

    The stunning view below was taken from our offices in the centre of Edinburgh.  The change in clocks means we can now witness some amazing sights as the lights of the city strive to keep away the darkness in the early evening.  However, for many of us, the change in light can impact upon our mood and energy.  Some suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but even those who don't can find this a time of year when we feel run down and it can be difficult to motivate ourselves.  Others will find themselves in a reflective mood - about work, family, relationships and so on.

    If you would like to talk over any issue with one of our coaches or therapists, visit our website: to find out more.  

    view from Scott House
  • Pitfalls in Effective Communication

    As part of our blog series giving practitioner tips, today's article focuses on communication and relationships.  This article was written by Dr Alistair McBeath, Chartered Psychologist at the Craigie Partnership.

    Poor communication is a primary cause of confrontation

    At the heart of most relationship difficulties is one over-riding factor and that is poor or ineffective communication.  Some attempts at communication even seem to make matters worse. How does this happen?
  • Post-Valentine's Reality

    Valentine's Day brings mixed emotions to the fore for many of us.  While some enjoy the day as an opportunity to celebrate love, for others it can be an incredibly painful time.  Stress, pressure, expectation, and for many people, an in-your-face reminder that others have what we can only dream about or hope for.
  • Supporting our Frontline workers

    During these difficult times, many individuals and organisations have been doing amazing things to help the most vulnerable in our society.  For several weeks, the nation took time out to applaud our frontline workers and carers, as a small way of showing our appreciation.  

  • UPDATE: Covid 19 guidelines (22nd Sept 2020)

    The Scottish Government recently released an update on the guidelines regarding the Coronavirus/Covid 19 situation. 

    You can read the latest new on the Scottish Government publications page (link at bottom of article).

    How does this affect therapy and coaching services at the Craigie Partnership?

  • Using PAUSE for your mental health

    As part of our articles on tips for mental health, Samantha Bennett, a highly experienced Psychological Therapist at the Craigie Partnership, outlines a strategy to help cope with anxiety and worry, using her PAUSE technique.

    How to cope with worrying using P.A.U.S.E.

    Worrying can be distressing and overwhelming. This blog introduces you to helpful steps to cope with your worrying.

  • Video and Telephone Therapy During Covid-19 Outbreak

    If you are experiencing difficulties and want to learn ways to better manage through these challenging times, please get in touch.  Our team at the Craigie Partnership is here to help and want to hear from you. You might be unsure about seeking help during this Coronavirus outbreak.  We hope this article brings some comfort and clarity to the help available to you.

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