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Anxiety and related disorders, such as depression, panic attacks, and phobias, affect around 1 in 6 people in the UK.

For anyone suffering from this, it can be a very difficult and isolating experience.  That’s why at the Craigie Partnership we devote a significant amount of our clinic time to helping people learn to cope with (and thankfully in many cases recover from) these issues.

But today we wanted to think about when anxiety is good for you.  The right amount of worry, stress or anxiety can actually spur us on to do good things.

For example, the person going for an interview who doesn’t have any worries at all might not prepare thoroughly.  The slightly nervous candidate will work hard to be prepared and ready.  The overly confident person about to sit his or her driving test is unlikely to ask friends or family to quiz them on the highway code – why should they?  The slightly nervous person will go by the motto of  ”better safe than sorry”.

It’s in our human nature to get worried at times, and this stems from a natural and healthy system in our bodies that is designed to work for our protection and well-being.

Problems only really start to occur when we respond inappropriately to anxiety (e.g. by drinking alcohol, become aggressive, turn to addictive behaviours, etc.) or if it becomes excessive and paralysing.

So next time you feel those butterflies in your stomach, why not pause, take a slow breath, and thank your body for trying to give you that extra edge to help you face your situation effectively?  It might sound a strange thing to do, but learning to appreciate our bodies can reap rewards.


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