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The BBC have an interesting article, entitled “Medics warned over Facebook use” (

Don’t worry, the irony didn’t escape us as we started to blog about it!

A comment from Andy Jaeger of the Nursing and Midwifery Council caught our eye – “What you regard as just an amusing story could end up causing serious offence more easily than you think.”

For the time being, we’ve decided against using Twitter.  It’s nothing personal against it, just that there seems something a bit unwise about being able to say what you think and pretty much immediately have it broadcast to a potentially large audience.

We prefer blogging, because you can pause, preview, consider the audience, delete ambiguous comments etc.  Of course, you can do this on Twitter also, but the temptation to just make passing comment on anything that’s on your mind is huge.

But the warning is important for many of us – be aware of who might read your comments.  After all, you’d never think of writing “I have a major hangover” on a post-it and sticking it up on the fridge at work, would you?  Well, perhaps that depends on your workplace, but you get the gist.

Recently the writer of this posting heard someone criticise another person, based on something she wrote on her Facebook page.  How can someone be unavailable to do something if he or she is posting that they are enjoying a glass of wine in the garden?  Is our colleague really off sick, if they’re able to update their Facebook status?

Our advice is not to avoid social media, but to use it wisely.  Think also of your boundaries, and consider using different methods for different groups of people, e.g. something for close friends, something else for work colleagues, another site for professional networking etc.

Perhaps there are a few things we’d rather not know about the private lives of our doctor, our dentist, our midwife…



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