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If you are looking to improve your success at reaching your goals (personal or work), or have coaching or mentoring responsibilities for others, here are some tips you might find helpful.


  1. Spend some time clearly defining your goals.  Often we have vague or unclear goals, and this understandably holds us back.  Imagine aiming at an archery target in thick fog, when you don’t really know where the target is.  Try to make your goals SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time framed.
  2. Ask yourself about the practical reasons why you have not yet reached your goal.  What practical things have stopped you reaching your goal?  Perhaps you are making good progress, in which case it’s fine.  However, often we just put things off or have things that get in the way.  Remember, if it’s a question of “finding time”, then it can help to appreciate that we don’t “find time” but rather, we make choices and we actually “make time”.
  3. Ask yourself what the psychological barriers are to you achieving your goals.  Are you anxious about it?  Do you fear criticism?  Are you worried it will be hard work?
  4. Once you’ve identified some of the barriers, you can start to identify solutions to these barriers.  Practical solutions tend to be easier than psychological ones, but even these can sometimes be easily overcome with a new attitude and outlook.  Sometimes it helps to compare the frustration of not having achieved something with the work required to get there and do a cost-benefit analysis.
  5. Keep an eye on your progress regularly.  This can help motivate you and encourage you.


If you’d like professional help with coaching, contact us on 0131 215 1066.  Our team of psychologists can help with therapy, life coaching, business/executive coaching and more.



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