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During these difficult times, many individuals and organisations have been doing amazing things to help the most vulnerable in our society.  For several weeks, the nation took time out to applaud our frontline workers and carers, as a small way of showing our appreciation.  

In this blog, we wanted to highlight one example of an initiative to help those who help us.  Our team of psychologists, therapists, and coaches regularly support people in caring professions through our private psychology services.   The following article is written by Dr Alistair McBeath, one of our team who has been supporting the work of Frontline 19.


Frontline 19 offers free therapeutic support to frontline workers during the ongoing pandemic.

Frontline 19 ( was set up to provide free and confidential emotional support to frontline workers during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.  Frontline workers would include doctors, nurses, auxiliary staff, paramedics, ambulance drivers, midwives, social workers, care home staff, fire-fighters, and police officers.

Frontline 19 is a UK wide service delivered by experienced and qualified therapeutic practitioners.  Frontline workers who wish to access the service can easily register on-line and they are then matched with an appropriate and available therapeutic practitioner.  Therapeutic support is offered by remote means using video platforms such as Zoom and Skype and also by telephone.  Frontline 19 is a completely free service with practitioners offering their services free of charge.

As the service has become established there have been a number of recurring themes reported by those using the service; these include anxiety, sleep disturbances, irritability, feelings of panic, fatigue, and poor concentration.

Frontline 19 is one way that therapeutic practitioners can make an important contribution in supporting the well being of frontline workers who continue to deliver their vital services during the pandemic.


Alongside these excellent initiatives, the Craigie Partnership is here to help you with issues around your mental well-being and careers.  We provide free articles on our website, signpost to various resources, and offer confidential private psychology services, including online appointments.  

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