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Exam Results

Young people up and down the country will be receiving their exam results by post or by text.  In a revisit to this blog we share some useful links and also give advice to parents supporting family members and anyone looking at their career options.  Links have been updated for 2018.

Exam Results helpline:  If you would like to speak to a UCAS advisor to discuss results of A Levels, GCSEs, Scottish Highers and Standards, then you can call this free helpline on 0808 100 8000 or visit the website here

Just Got Your Results?

Exam results can be a stressful time for many.  Thinking of the future, worrying that our opportunities might depend upon the difference between two grades, comparing ourselves with our friends and family members, aware of how much our exams mean to parents, the list goes on.  Whatever your results, it is important to take time to acknowledge your hard work, recognise when you tried your best and appreciate that the future holds many paths for us.  It might not look exactly as we planned or hoped, but with perseverance and a positive attitude, we can make good things happen.

Parent, Teacher or Family Member?

In our private practice, working as Career Counsellors, Psychologists and Therapists, we often meet clients who struggle with issues to do with self-esteem and perfectionism or people-pleasing.  When exploring the roots of these issues, it is quite common for people to recall experiences at school and the feelings of expectation put upon them by others.  You might think that it is only people who struggle at school who go on to have problems, but very often we find people who succeed can also have great future struggles with issues such as perfectionism.

If you are a parent, teacher or family member reading this, then take a moment to consider what it feels like to be a child or young adult, being graded.  Young people have a deep need to fit in and be accepted by others.  Every human has a need to feel loved.  Sometimes parents push their children to succeed.  This can be a good thing, as good results can open many doors in their future careers.  However, it is important that young people feel loved and accepted unconditionally, not based on good results.  A look of disappointment on a parent's face can do a lot of damage to a young person's self-esteem.  Success should also be handled carefully.  If a young person does very well, then, of course, it is good to celebrate their achievement.  However, rather than focus on the result, it is better to celebrate their hard work and their positive attitude.  Otherwise, they might grow up believing that they are only going to be celebrated as people if they achieve.  In our practice we meet many successful achievers who live in a constant state of anxiety, worrying that one day they are going to slip up and fail.  If we associate success with being loved and accepted, then logically we associate failure with rejection.  Giving someone a message that you love them for who they are and that you will be alongside them when they are rejoicing and alongside them if they are mourning is a very loving gift to give another person.

Choosing a Career?

In our Career Counselling practice, we also remind people that Competency and skill are important factors when considering careers, but they are not the only considerations.  It is good to work in areas where we are skilled, as this gives an important feedback loop of satisfaction.  However, we also need to consider our career Interests.  Some clients come to us for help to identify areas where they might be a good match in terms of Interest.  Many clients appreciate one of the psychometrics we use, known as the Strong Interest Inventory (see here for a sample). A third area to consider is that of Values.  If we are going to spend 40-50 years of our lives working, then it is important to consider what our life values are and how best to express those values in what we do.  Not every career or job will be a perfect fit for our Competencies, Interests or Values, and we can get balance through our hobbies and leisure activities, but it is important to think of ourselves more holistically than just based on things we are good at.

Finally, some clients find great benefit in Personality Coaching.  Using tools such as the popular Myers Briggs (MBTI) we have helped many clients with their personal and professional development to better understand their own personalities and how this knowledge can be used to help with career decisions, leadership, communication, team-working, relationships, stress management and more.

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